why zolitta?

Zolitta by Olga zabelinskaya Collection Is a unique opportunity to catapult your own grooming practice by taking advantage of her decades of world-class experience, combined with premium materials and a commitment to affordable pricing.

Every master craft has specific tools of the trade, utilized by the elite to maintain a gold standard of quality and consistency.

An Internationally Recognized Master Groomer

in competitive dog grooming, one of the most demanding and precise practices on earth, there is a lack of world- class tools that are built to uphold the highest levels of performance and style, while remaining affordably priced. At least , there was until the creation of Zolitta by Olga Z. Introducing the most carefully designed, professional-grade line of dog grooming tools ever released, pioneered by a legend of the industry.

This is precision forged from decades of experience. This is absolute quality crafted from the finest materials available . This is your opportunity to utilize the tool s of excellence.

This is Zolitta by Olga Zabelinskaya.